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Alaska Fish Radio aims to make all people aware of the economic and social importance of Alaska's seafood industry.

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Lithium ion battery pack
Credit: US fed gov't

Electric powered boats are the future, says builder; talks pros/cons for F/Vs

Electric powered boat builder talks pros/cons for fishing vessels –

E/V Tongass Rain, Juneau
First all-electric powered passenger vessel in US

Nation’s first all electric passenger vessel coming to AK, fishing vessels next

The nation’s first seagoing electric powered passenger vessel is set to launch next summer in Juneau.

Salmon are dying from high water temperatures
Credit: seattletimes.com

Hot water causes massive sockeye salmon die-off at Columbia River

Unseasonably hot water has killed nearly half of the sockeye salmon migrating up the Columbia River through Oregon and Washington state.

Dissolving food source = bad news for pink salmon

Argue all you want about climate change – even a Toys R Us chemistry set will prove that the oceans are more acidic. Recent reports cited dissolving oyster larvae that are devastating west Coast shellfish growers. A new federal study reveals its first findings on how corrosive oceans are affecting sea life – and it points to big trouble for pink salmon.

Bristol Bay sockeye returns
Credit: adn.com

Sockeye salmon sales: info trickles in; still in a stall

Bristol Bay’s sockeye salmon catch has topped 35 million fish and most fishermen are wrapping up their season. Now that Alaska buyers have an idea of who’s got what and what product forms the fish might take, some market reports are finally starting to trickle in.

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Alaska Fish Trivia

  • Alaska's fishing industry is the state's number one employer.
  • The average age of Alaska fishing permit holders is 47.
  • Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the U.S.
  • Alaska has 3,200 women crew members and 1,100 permit holders (3.7%).
  • 80% of Alaska's fish landings come from federal waters (3-200 miles).
  • 80% of Alaska's fishing vessels are less than 60 feet in length.
  • Alaska's largest catch is pollock.
  • The Salmon-30-Salmon jet: A crew of eight worked around the clock for 27 days at Associated Painters Inc. in Oklahoma City to paint the plane.


Salmon-30-Salmon Jet with fish on jet

Flying Fish takes on a new meaning with the Alaska Airlines Salmon-30-Salmon jet.

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