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Alaska Fish Radio aims to make all people aware of the economic and social importance of Alaska's seafood industry.

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Pirate fishing = 100 million pounds of illegal king crab in 2013
Credit: Greenpeace

Pirate fishing criteria, at-risk species being defined by US gov-Comments wanted

The US government is getting tough on fisheries that are illegal, unreported and unregulated, or more simply, pirated by rogue fishing fleets.

Kodiak Fishermen's Wives
Best cookbook ever!

What’s the fishing life like for the wives left behind?

A fisherman’s life is a wonderful life, but what about for the fisherman’s wives? Fish Radio asked some of Kodiak’s wive’s what their likes and dislikes are being married to a fisherman.

Fish Safe! 
Credit: fao.org

Fishing is no longer the deadliest job

Commercial fishing is no longer the nation’s deadliest occupation —

Chuitna mine overview
Credit:  DNR
Will include support facilities, mine access road, coal transport conveyor, personnel housing and air strip facility, a logistic center, and coal export terminal. 2 mile dock into Cook Inlet

DNR delays decision on water rights for salmon vs. coal mine; Hearing set for August

A decision due this month by the state Department of Natural Resources on water rights for salmon streams or a coal mine at Upper Cook Inlet has been delayed until after an August hearing.

Salmon coming home
Credit: kuow.org

High starting prices at Copper River; Fish Board holds special meeting to talk cod

Salmon fishermen wrapped up a second opener yesterday at the Copper River with hopes that catches were better than the first.

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Alaska Fish Trivia

  • Alaska's fishing industry is the state's number one employer.
  • The average age of Alaska fishing permit holders is 47.
  • Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the U.S.
  • Alaska has 3,200 women crew members and 1,100 permit holders (3.7%).
  • 80% of Alaska's fish landings come from federal waters (3-200 miles).
  • 80% of Alaska's fishing vessels are less than 60 feet in length.
  • Alaska's largest catch is pollock.
  • The Salmon-30-Salmon jet: A crew of eight worked around the clock for 27 days at Associated Painters Inc. in Oklahoma City to paint the plane.


Salmon-30-Salmon Jet with fish on jet

Flying Fish takes on a new meaning with the Alaska Airlines Salmon-30-Salmon jet.

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