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Alaska Fish Radio aims to make all people aware of the economic, social and cultural importance of Alaska's seafood industry.

Alaska Fish Radio also aims to inspire more Alaskans to join the seafood industry as fishermen, processors, scientists and managers.


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Lots of fish meetings/comment deadlines. Be a part of the decision making!

Fish meetings over the next few months give industry a chance to be a part of the decision: NPFMC, BOF, IPHC

Tracking Southeast AK salmon streams for changing water flows

One third of Alaska’s salmon harvest each year comes from fish produced in the 17,000 miles of streams in Southeast’s Tongass rainforest. A changing climate is altering rain and snowfall patterns that affect that habitat – for better or worse.

Alaskan Cod Crunchies set to roll out at Costco/Anchorage

Cod Crunchies are the latest pet treats stemming from the Alaskan Leader Seafood’s commitment to 100 percent “head to tail” usage of their catches.

Gov. Walker requests pink salmon disaster relief for 4 AK regions

Calling it one of the worst fisheries in over 40 years, Governor Bill Walker has officially requested the federal government to declare the 2016 pink salmon season a disaster for four Alaska regions.

Insurance tips for F/V’s: New guide has tips to reduce risks

It can be tricky to find the right protection coverage for fishing boats at the right price. A new guide helps reduce risks.

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Alaska Fish Trivia

  • Alaska's fishing industry is the state's number one employer.
  • The average age of Alaska fishing permit holders is 49.
  • Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the U.S.
  • Alaska has 3,200 women crew members and 1,100 permit holders (3.7%).
  • 80% of Alaska's fish landings come from federal waters (3-200 miles).
  • 80% of Alaska's fishing vessels are less than 60 feet in length.
  • Alaska's largest catch is pollock.
  • The Salmon-30-Salmon jet: A crew of eight worked around the clock for 27 days at Associated Painters Inc. in Oklahoma City to paint the plane.


Salmon-30-Salmon Jet with fish on jet

Flying Fish takes on a new meaning with the Alaska Airlines Salmon-30-Salmon jet.

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