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Alaska Fish Radio aims to make all people aware of the economic, social and cultural importance of Alaska's seafood industry.

Alaska Fish Radio also aims to inspire more Alaskans to join the seafood industry as fishermen, processors, scientists and managers.


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Tanner crab fishery cancelled at Kodiak, Westward Region for 4th year

The popular January Tanner crab fishery has been cancelled for the fourth year running at the Westward Region, meaning Kodiak, Chignik and the Alaska Peninsula.

Kodiak Locals Share Their Thoughts On U.S. Senate Fisheries Debate

OCTOBER 19, 2016

It was all fish with just a hint of oil talk at the U.S. Senates Candidate Fisheries Debate last week in Kodiak hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Margaret Stock, Ray Metcalfe, and Breck Craig touched on topics like what their favorite fish was to their thoughts on climate change. READ MORE TO hear what the audience had to say…

Farmed fish better for you than wild, report says. AK expert rebuts.

Wild salmon is less nutritious because it burns up all its good fats and oils on its long journey to spawn. That’s the claim by professors at Stirling University in Scotland who studied declines in omega-3 levels in farmed salmon due to increased use of plant based feeds.

AK crabbers head out to bleak fisheries; Still hope for a Tanner opener, Should know next week

Bering Sea crabbers head out for a bleak season and hope for a Tanner turn around.

AK salmon season wrap ups start trickling in by regions

It looks like Alaska’s 2016 salmon season will end up with a total harvest at around 112 million fish, nearly 50 million below the forecast. Wrap ups be region are starting to trickle in.

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Alaska Fish Trivia

  • Alaska's fishing industry is the state's number one employer.
  • The average age of Alaska fishing permit holders is 49.
  • Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the U.S.
  • Alaska has 3,200 women crew members and 1,100 permit holders (3.7%).
  • 80% of Alaska's fish landings come from federal waters (3-200 miles).
  • 80% of Alaska's fishing vessels are less than 60 feet in length.
  • Alaska's largest catch is pollock.
  • The Salmon-30-Salmon jet: A crew of eight worked around the clock for 27 days at Associated Painters Inc. in Oklahoma City to paint the plane.


Salmon-30-Salmon Jet with fish on jet

Flying Fish takes on a new meaning with the Alaska Airlines Salmon-30-Salmon jet.

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