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October is Nat’l Seafood Month. What’s your fishing town doing to celebrate?

  Fish Radio October is National Seafood Month October 1, 2014   This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Is your town celebrating seafood month? I’ll tell you more after this –  Know what the second leading cause of death is among commercial fisherman? Falling overboard. Know what would have saved many of them? […]

AK crab quotas likely status quo; pollock surges, Fraser R. updates

Crab quotas, pollock surges and updates on Fraser River sockeye catches.

GMO/Real Fish Comparison

Frankenfish support resurfaces in DC

A group of 90 scientists and biotechnology execs from around the world are pushing President Obama to expedite approval of genetically modified salmon for US markets.

Getting More Alaskans into Maritime Trades

Fish Radio
Maritime Workforce Development Plan
September 24, 2014

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Building Alaska’s maritime workforce. More after this –

Fish Radio is brought to you by the At-Sea Processors Association. APA fishing companies hold job fairs and support training programs to promote good paying job opportunities for Alaskans in the Alaska pollock industry. Learn more about fishing and processing jobs at www.atsea.org

Federal grants are available to help “Made in America” companies compete with imports and save US jobs. Learn more at www.nwtaac.org.

Alaska’s coastal economies depend on the seafood industry and the whole state relies on ships to get goods from one place to another. Getting more Alaskans into maritime trades is the goal of a new workforce development plan released by the Dept. of Labor. It is the result of two years of collaboration by industry sectors, state agencies and educators. For the first time it breaks down maritime jobs into a unique related workforce and identifies 23 different occupation types from fishing to research to shipbuilding and repairs.

I think one thing the plan really points out is how reliant our economy is on the maritime industry. Not only do we have a huge economic sector with seafood harvesting and processing – but everything in maritime and marine trades. And then all the scientific work that goes on to support it. It is a real network of economic activity.

Wanetta Ayers is Director of Business Partnerships at the Department of Workforce Development.
There are not enough workers now to meet demand Ayers says in all kinds of maritime jobs.

One of the main areas of focus for plan is helping Alaskans identify what those good career living wage opportunities are in the maritime industry are and there are lots of them. Mostly it is a factor of identifying what the right pathways what the right factors are to get into some of these long term legacy jobs that are available in the maritime industry and will provide for a livelihood that can take you through your entire life.

One of the occupations identified in the plan is machinist – there is increased automation and complexity with a lot of our seafood plants and we need young people with those kinds of skills so that they’re not calling on circuit writers from the Lower 48 to come up and keep our plants working. There is tremendous opportunity but we need to look beyond the frontline jobs- which may make up the largest count in terms of workers but there are good well paying jobs in maritime and I want to see Alaskans working in those occupations.

A new maritime workforce webpage is already up and running at the Department of Labor’s Workforce Development site.

I can tell you working with this industry advisory committee what’s motivated them throughout this entire process is to really showcase what the opportunities are and make sure there are clear pathways for people to movie into those great jobs.

Find links to the user friendly workforce development plan rat www.alaskafishradio.com

Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods. Ocean Beauty has contributed over 10 million meals to the U.S. Food Bank network, and is committed to ending hunger in America. www.oceanbeauty.com In Kodiak,

N.Pacific and Bering Sea 
Credit: noaa

Begich/Sullivan – Dunbar/Young face off over AK fisheries at Kodiak debate

It’s FISH ON! for Alaska’s Congressional candidates when they meet for the popular fisheries debate on Wednesday evening, October 1st in Kodiak.

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Copper River first salmon prices dip

Reports from the first opener at Copper River say it was very slow going. Here’s the news from one highliner:

Taku and other rivers flowing from Canada to AK 
Credit: Rivers Without Borders

Mining Network meets in Anchorage, Threats to Southeast AK from Canada

MEDIA ADVISORY May 8, 2014                                                                                           MEDIA CONTACTS: Paula Dobbyn, pdobbyn@tu.org, 907-230-1513; Chris Zimmer, zimmer@riverswithoutborders.org, 907-988-8173 HEN: The panel discussion begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 10, and concludes at noon. A media opportunity for interviews and photographs will occur immediately afterward. WHEN: The panel discussion begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May […]

Southeast AK troll Chinook harvest to triple from last year

                      Juneau Empire May 5, 2014    by Mary Catherine Martin High 2013 salmon returns and high escapement projections for non-Alaska rivers are working in the favor of Southeast Alaska commercial and sport fishermen. King salmon abundance estimates have more than doubled from last year. The […]

Togiak herring is open!

 Sunday, April 27, 2014 Togiak Herring opening announcement  This is the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in Dillingham with an announcement regarding the Togiak herring fishery. Department staff flew an aerial survey of the Togiak District today and were able to document threshold biomass. Herring were observed primarily along Cape Constantine and in Kulukak […]

Alaskans Win Major Victory to Challenge Coal Strip Mine Permits

State’s loser pays attorneys’ fees law violates rights of citizens, must be rewritten

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Alaska Fish Trivia

  • Alaska's fishing industry is the state's number one employer.
  • The average age of Alaska fishing permit holders is 47.
  • Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the U.S.
  • Alaska has 3,200 women crew members and 1,100 permit holders (3.7%).
  • 80% of Alaska's fish landings come from federal waters (3-200 miles).
  • 80% of Alaska's fishing vessels are less than 60 feet in length.
  • Alaska's largest catch is pollock.
  • The Salmon-30-Salmon jet: A crew of eight worked around the clock for 27 days at Associated Painters Inc. in Oklahoma City to paint the plane.


Salmon-30-Salmon Jet with fish on jet

Flying Fish takes on a new meaning with the Alaska Airlines Salmon-30-Salmon jet.

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