Excuse me! Credit: vampyrefangs.wordpress.com

Excuse me!
Credit: vampyrefangs.wordpress.com



Researchers are hoping to better understand fish distributions by recording the sounds they make.

Many fish make identifiable sounds, and it offers potential for research and management. The most recent sound discovered – fish farts!   According to ScienceShot, a service of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a team from the University of South Florida picked up the barely audible, cricket-like noises using a robot called a glider that sampled ocean sounds in Tampa Bay.

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The sounds lasted throughout the day and night and were most likely groups of menhaden and herring releasing gas from their swim bladders…Of the 30-thousand fish species in the world oceans, researchers believe fewer than one thousand have been recorded. They know that the tiny cusk eel can sound like a jackhammer. And for years the mating calls of cod fish have wreaked havoc for the Norwegian navy- because the love sounds are similar to enemy submarines. Here’s the mating call of black drum –


And here is another disturber of the peace – a midshipman fish guarding its nest.


By mapping these sounds, the researchers hope to get a better picture of species distributions and likely spawning areas. … Scientists believe the underwater soundscape can tell a lot about what’s out there – and what they are doing.

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