Alaska Fish Links

Alaska Fishing Industry Information

Salmon Market Bulletin, 2017, ASMI

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ADF&G online store (licenses, permits)

Alaska 2017 Salmon Forecasts & Review of 2016 Season

Alaska Fisheries Enhancement Report, 2016 (hatcheries)

International Pacific Halibut Commission, 2017 documents

Sockeye Salmon Market Report, Fall 2016

Fisheries of the US, 2015

Halibut Stock Assessment and Apportionments for 2017

Fish Biz - Business plans from entry to exit. Free!

Alaska F/V safety regs

College of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences

Freezing spray/icing conditions wanted by NOAA to improve forecasts

Tips for buying F/V insurances, Terry Johnson/AK Sea Grant

Bering Sea "crab map" for 2016

Climate Change and Alaska Fisheries, 2016

Alaska Ocean Acidification Network

“Climate Change Sensitivity Index for Pacific Salmon Habitat in Southeast Alaska.” - Study on changing water flows

Where do Alaska Fish Go? Markets for AK groundfish and crab

10 year review of Bering Sea crab rationalization program

AK Economic Trends, Nov. 2015, Focus on groundfish/jobs

Trawl Bycatch Management Flyer

AK Ocean Observing System - sea ice, currents, the Blob

Alaska Fishing Vessels, as part of Trends & Opportunities in the AK Maritime Industrial Support Sector report

Kodiak Fishermen's Survey on Privatized fisheries

Fisheries Transition Team report  for  Gov. Walker

ASMI:  Fishermen as Seafood Ambassadors, data base 

Apply for ADF&G paid internships 

Kodiak fishermen's views on privatized fisheries, by Courtney Carothers, UAF/SFOS

Register for Bering Sea crab quota shares/right of first refusal

Maritime Workforce Page, AK. Dept. of Labor

Fleet profiles, NPFMC/Updated


Fishery Management Agencies

North Pacific Fishery Management Council - oversees fisheries in federal waters of the Gulf of Alaska & Bering Sea

Alaska Board of Fisheries - oversees commercial, subsistence, sport and personal use fisheries in state waters.

International Pacific Halibut Commission - sets halibut catch limits for West Coast, British Columbia and Alaska

National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Region  Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission